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Studio 10 baseed in Hong Kong,It is founded by Barry and Kenny in 2011,we service higher quility photography and videography for every client


as always had a deep interest in photography. After buying his first camera, Kenny was inspired in many different ways. He believes that every day, there is always something new out in the streets, if you just pay attention to the finer details.
Kenny Wu has won many different awards by taking his photography from his heart rather than by just using expensive equipment. He hopes that he can not only share all the treasured moments with his clients, but also capture them forever in photography.


Barry's photo not the beauty just want capture feeling in a second. Thats easy know his emotion and what he want to share to you. Beside the photo, movie and design also draw his attention, these can inspire him to photo.

Ar Fung

Passion , skilful ,experience.

Our professional Services

Our Focus on STUDIO 10


  • VIDEO 100%

  • MAKE UP 100%

  • TVC 100%

Our award

<span style="color: #3dc4f5;">WKenny Photography AWARDS </span>
WKenny Photography AWARDS

» MTR Our Memories of Western District" Photographic Competition
[ Champion ]

» HS Photo Contest
[ Reward excellently ]

» The 2nd Hong Kong Mobile Film Festival
[ Certificate of Excellence ]

» Metro Global Photo Challenge
[ Top 100 Hong Kong ]

» [ 50 years of So Uk Estate ]Photo Competition
[ Reward excellently ]

» 2009-Sha Tin Festive Lighting Photo Competition
[ Reward excellently ]

<span style="color: #3dc4f5;">BARRY FU Photography AWARDS </span>

» 2008 U-magazine the most funny "U"

» 2011 4th Ricoh Photo Contest HK
- 3rd Reward

Our Project

<span style="color: #3dc4f5;">WKenny Project </span>
WKenny Project

» KKBOX 音樂誌 <容祖兒> 封面攝影

「謝安琪」「蔡卓妍 」
「Supper Moment」
「Robynn & Kendy」etc...

» 衛蘭 Janice Walking To The Future Live 2014- 平面攝影

» Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Live in Hong Kong 平面攝影

» 「馮曦妤 (FIONA FUNG) 」

<span style="color: #3dc4f5;">BARRY FU PROJECT </span>

2012-2013 Documentary 《 風雨操場 》拍攝
2013 Li-Ning CJBL - CHBL official Photographer
2014 TV program《12道鋒味 》still photo and post production

Janice Walking To The Future Live 2014


For different situation and case request
we using different gear.

Canon EOS Digital SLR Camera

1DX , 1DMk IV , 5D Mk3 , 6D
with EF standard zoom and prime lens

Hasselblad 120 Gear

Hasselblad H3D II with Hasselblad Lens

Professional Camcorder

Canon 1Dc , Eos C300 and XF 105

Outdoor Light

Nikon SB 900 & Canon 600EX-RT

indoor Light

Bowens 1000W

Computer System

apple macintosh

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